Da Boogie Down Bronques


Last night was so bizarre

I went to check out LastNightsParty.com's book release party @ Happy Valley, only to be engulfed by throngs of hipsters all lusting after 0.0005 seconds of fame on teh internets. All of them waiting with baited breath, for the lovechild of Jean Michel Basquiat & Andy Warhol, to turn his lense towards them...in affirmation that they are indeed "a living breathing piece of artwork".

I'm not a hater. His photo skillz are superb. And I'd be lying if I said I didn't spend time trolling through his site for puke porn.

DJ Tommie Sunshine (looking like Jesus on a bender) swung through and played some cool tunes. My only real gripe was with the ol' bait & switch with the open bar. Imagine my chagrin to show up with 12$ in my pocket ready to get twisted, when I find out the free vodka had run out (17 minutes into the party?!?!?!) and drinks were 10$ a piece.

Fucking wack, yo.

I bolted the fuck outta there right after I shared a laugh with a complete stranger over the goth girl flyfishing on the dancefloor...

I hope tonight's open bar with Lindsay Lohan (NSFW) Dj-ing will be better...

P.S. No...he didn't take my fucking picture.

Song Of The Day:

mekon - boy bitten feat phillips horan.mp3