666 Degrees of Separation

If you haven't visted Catchdubs, do so now.

One of my favorite blogs out there, that doesn't get all cliquey about whom they link to. Its all about hip hop, sharing mp3's, parties in the LES, and cool sneakers.

where are my legs?

Anyways, Catchdubs mascot is Orko from He-Man. Everybody's favorite floating magician...I did a quick Google image search for "Orko" and found Søren Høg,a guy who looks like Michael Moore's clone!

Now, onto more pressing useless information...

Paris Hilton has been trolling through Orlando recently (on Church Street nonetheless) going to second rate clubs, like Dragon Room...searching for that next photo-op (or stiff cock-tail). Seems like in this photo, she found both.
WTF is she doing?  Turkish tourists must be the next-big-thing...
That girl definitely has a lazy eye. Why else would she pose facing in the same direction everytime? Perhaps to make people forget what she really looked like.

Do I think former P.I.M.P. Prez Clinton qualifies for Sainthood? Compared to Bush? What do you think?
Bless Thy Blowjob

In other religious news, Mr. T is doing humanity a credible service in this photo...checking to see if God has balls. Once we know the answer, we can be justified in calling God in gender-specific terms like He, Him, & His Royal Deadbeat Dadness...
I pity the fool who has no balls