Apparantly, Sex Sells Cars too

I wanna S3X you up!

Recently, I have fallen in love with SUV's. I figured that my grandkids breathing clean air is less important than me feeling like King of the Highway. So...after driving around in a Trailblazer for the past month, I began to look into other SUV's coming out. Would you believe that Chevy has the nerve to call their newest concept-truck SEX? Well, actually its S3X, but c'mon...don't think that name wasn't coined in some stupid boardroom meeting by an under-sexed 1337 engineer...

So I began to wonder if any other car companies were using blatant sexual undertones to sell there cars///Lo and behold, I come upon the Venturi Fetish, which I must say...looks S3XY!!!
The Rubber meets The Road