Guess the ugly friend!!!

All you girls know you have them...friends who are less attractive than you that you like to drag out to social affairs to make you appear "pretty" when standing next to them. Well, I'm here to tell you that you are not pretty...and that you are an evil vindictive bitch just manipulating good hearted people for your own personal fantasy.

Well, I thumbed through more pics at Polaroid Scene and I figured this would be a good game to play (to wrap up the end of a work-avoiding workday)

Let's start out with an easy one: Guess the ugly friend in this pic...
let me sniff some of that fizzine model azz
In the picture above, it's quite obvious that these rich trusta farians are just using homeboy from the streets to up their street cred & appear beautiful to passerbys. remember, they live in brooklyn, so they know how to speak "Negro"

Ahh..too easy you say? Well, try this next pic on for size:
double stuff oreo
With perfectly plucked eye-brows & european texturized hair to match, who can fuck with this sista? if you are a perfect-complexion-owning SWF who doesn't look cheesy when grillin' the camera, that's who!

Moving onto the next subject of comparision we have:
trysts for everyone
Um..yeah, that's a toss up! who da fuck can tell which friend is prettier? paging Tyra Banks...we need your expertise on these matters.

OK, next up is:
double trouble
This one is kinda hard because of the "the ugly/cute hipster rule of thumb"...which is defined by their ugly qualities drawing you in further towards your doom.

And lastly (thank god..no more):
dress you up
I suppose this is a matter of preference. If you prefer make up, go with the friend on the right. If you prefer expensive make up that looks like there isn't any on her face, go with friend on the left. Problem solved!

On an unrelated note: 2 more final pics for our sleuthy problem-solvers out there:
I wonder if that girl on the right is on Ecstasy?

And...we are the shit
Can you relate to these caricatures of us ("us" meaning young urban professionals, of course)? Oooh looky, they even drew a chick placing her glass of champagne from the art show on the ground as she fumbles through her Marc Jacobs bag. WORST!