It ain't hard to tell

...and then he took a dump on my face
greetings young padawans,

back with another installment of fresh hipster pics to peruse through courtesy of polaroid scene.

when i thumb through their catalog, it's sometimes hard to tell who would be cool to hang out with IRL (in real life)...other times, it's very easy to tell. take the quiz and scroll over the pics for the answers:

any girl who wears a t-shirt on her head is cool...she obviously doesn't take herself too seriously
where were these guys when i was living in new york?  maybe i would have had some guy friends if i had a posse like this
i want to punch each and every one of these people in the face
they look like a band, so i want to say cool, but i can't tell the gender of the person on the left...can you?
these people look pretty fun to hang out with, don't you agree?

and here's a couple of one-liners:
how hipster chicks get you to buy them drinks

how hipster chicks get attention in crowded bars

what hipster guys do once they leave the cool parties

Annie's an Anniemal
On a music side note: Annie is an artist from Norway who makes blissful pop. I tried to find "Heartbeat" online, but you have to soulseek that one out...you can hear a 30 sec mp3 sample here...or you can grab the full length track "Me Plus One" here