Let me introduce you to Gaelle


Gaelle - Give it Back

Gaelle - Separate Rooms

ScissorKick's blog put me onto a great artist, in which I share with you...I'm gonna copy & paste the description that Scissorkick wrote because it's spot on perfect.

"Blogs need muses too. It's no secret that Opacodex has a thing for Bjork or that O-Dub over at Soul Sides has recently championed young Rachel Yamagata. And although scissorkick lacks a great many things, we've finally found our own muse, a chanteuse (yes, I said it) who has the qualities generally reserved for underground diva stardom. Gaelle is a singer from Atlanta who stresses she is not R&B. And I agree, she's not just R&B, but is musically open to limitless styles and moods, much like the aforementioned Icelandic starlet who seemingly has a monopoly on this sort of open creative ouptut.

Honestly, this is one of the few records I have heard of late that reminds me of standing in the Union Square Virgin Megastore in NYC -- in the back of the first floor, at the crossroads that separate the R&B, electronica and dance sections. Imagine, if you can, a single track that sounds like a mash-up of Coko from SWV, Selected Ambient Works-era Aphex Twin and Sigur Ros. While her vocals are definitely R&B in their strength, clarity and range, the backing tracks offer a boldly envisioned bridge between polished experimental electronica and R&B or Neo-Soul groove with breaks ranging from minimal house palpitations to crackling West London broken beats. It's not unfathomable to imagine Gaelle doing for the young hip-hop/R&B set what Bjork has done for the alternative kids -- offer a digestable level of experimentalism within the context of a familiar form."

Sidenote: Babes of MIT ... her name happens to be Gaelle too
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