Fookin Eh?!?!?

show dem pearly whites
well, it looks like we all need something to smile about now...because I have never seen a man so happy to remain the Antichrist
never seen the devil smile before?  well, here's your chance

The talking heads over on Hardball looked especially shocked from the news...they're usually the buoyant go-lucky bunch...but not even impending doom from another 4 years of Bush's Presidency Lunacy could stop Chris Matthews from spewing off at the mouth in that non-partisan endless sorta way...

But even level headed anchor types lost their cool.

Last night, metrosexual android Anderson Cooper looked "visibly miffed" at the sign of the gay marriage ban being amended to the constitution...

But all & all, it was a tremendous victory for Christians...now they can go back to preaching the Goodness of the Holy Word...to Lions?!
lion of the tribe of judaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!!!!!!

While Republicans jockey for Rudy Guliani for 2008 GOP Candidate, I say we nominate our own Rudy...that would be "Rudy" from the Cosby Show
Rudy got Booty