Get-Those Getty Images

Ghetto Images always has fodder for my creative mind to mangle and defame...

so let's start shall we...

we kick off with T.W.A.B.B.'s [two week ago buzz bitches] Ashlee Simpson & Tara Reid. Ashlee was on TRL doing something that got her ass in trouble: singing into a live mic. I guess she learned her lesson.
sing over your silly vocal-backing tracks

And Tara...well, she was also doing something that got her in hot water at Ocean Drive's party...she was taking pictures. But she doesn't hesitate accentuating her more prominent (and famous) features...
pay no attention to the scarf-wrapped celebrity...the boob, not her

MTV Awards Europe had a plethora of material & fashion faux pas to peruse through, here are some of the highlights:

Kid Rock replaces hepatitis sundae Pamela Lee Anderson with a blonde sex doll made of silicone some cheap tramp with a bad dye job...
lookie here

Andre 3000 yearns to become the ultimate Uncle Tom by dressing up as a lawn jockey
you go boy...first Hey Ya, now this...make whitey proud

Backstreet BattyBoys, Nick & AJ try to dress "hardcore". Just because you are on another continent, doesn't mean people will buy that shit...especially posing with candyravers...
backstreet's back alright

Franz Faggyland looking gayer than ever
take it out

Amy Lee of Evanescence giving Elvira a run for her money...
gothic bitches need tits to complete the package

...and finally, Usher lets all his success go to his his head as he escorts both Alicia Keys & Naomi Campbell to the show
even tho' Alicia's a dyke, you shoulda stayed with her