The Legend of Bagger Trans

I call this swing the Disappearing Adam's Apple

Before you homophobes start checking out this golfer's rack...you may want to check out her balls. That's right, you are looking at Man Mianne Bagger, the first transexual woman golfer to qualify for a card on the Ladies European Tour on today. Reportedly, Vijay "Vindaloo" Singh was too confused to comment...probably because he...well, nevermind...

this was the only pic I could find of her wearing clothes
Lil' Kim to guest lecture at a class at Syracuse University...What's the name of the class, you ask? Hip-Hop Eshu: Queen Bitch 101
CNN states: The Syracuse course requires students to read Kim's song lyrics as literary texts and analyze her iconography in videos and performances, according to the course description.
Unfortunately, I'm not making this shit up...