This one's for rich white people

not a wasteland
While my name "Nasdaq Jones" points to someone well versed in financial affairs, I have to pull the curtain back to reveal myself as someone barely hanging on in this Capitalistic Federal Republic we call America C.F.R.

So, if you are looking to invest your capital into purchasing hot dirt (read: speculation land in the outskirts of Las Vegas), see the info below:

We have only 70,000 acres left to develop based on the current water supply in the county and surrounding communities. We are developing approx. 10,000 acres per year. We should be out of land in the next 7-15 years, depending on how you talk to. Therefore, we have a huge demand to high-rise construction and land. Pahrump is the neighboring community along with Mesquite and it's hard to find land for $200,000 per acre. Let me know what kind of money you can afford to spend and I will tell you what you can buy. Call me via cellular 702-460-8989

Brad Benz
Coldwell Banker Commercial ETN
Las Vegas, NV 89118