Crashing out early the previous night allows us a chance to get an early jumpstart on the BIG day ahead of us. 2 continental breakfasts later, we were on our way to go find Europe's oldest Harley Davidson store, named Warr's off of Kings Road in Chelsea. Kings Road was just dope in general. Reminded me of the boutiques in Village (nyc), with the whole store after store thang.

We make it onto a double decker bus for the first time:

Warr's ended up being closed due to the Christmas holiday, but we snapped a pic to show that we've been there.

Then we proceeded back up Kings Road on another double decker, and hopped off to go to another smaller Harley Davidson store. We picked up some Harley apparel for my girl's folks because they are cool like that. We also stopped along the way so my lady could see some more shops. She got some cute things, then we got back on a bus and went towards Harrods.

The reason we got all spiffy (I was in a blazer & dress slacks/ my girl was in a dress & high heels) was because rumor had it: Harrods had a dresscode. And if you were wearing jeans & sneakers, you couldn't come in. That turned out to be pure hogwash as billions of shoppers just mulled their way in. I guess it must be the after Christmas sales to blame.

We pick up a few special items (including my girls plush purple purse) and head the fuck outta there. Claustrophobic isn't the right word to describe the atmosphere in there.

Ahh...the fresh air of London (errr?!?) its so nice to get away from people. Now I understand why Zanf likes to hang in his studio. There are soooo many people, everywhere.

Now we get on another bus, and head over to the free museums of Natural History & Science. We just skipped through as fast as we could and didn't really see anything, because we had a night full of partying ahead in any cool club we can seem to find in the Shoreditch/Hoxton/Old Street area.

Here's the short version of what we saw @ the museums:

After a quick jaunt on the Tube, we were back at the hotel.

We got ready and headed out to Old Street.

We were trying to find Smallfish Record shop, but after getting lost for 1 hour, we decided to eat dinner at a pub. My girl ordered a steak which was really good, but I had Thai and got bad chicken with some tangy sauce.

We had previous plans to meet Zanf at the Old Blue Last, which is Vice's bar out in east London. My lady played some Ghostface on the jukebox. We drank several pints of Stella, Zanf preferred Guinness...and washed it down with several shots of Jack Daniels. Here are a couple of pics we snapped inside.

Then we stumbled across Old Street and ended up in front of 333. We went in and proceeded to get tossed, met some cool cats along the way too. The beats were something serious. Just minimal broken electro stuff. see for yourself!

Upon exiting 333, we were pummelled by plenty of cab drivers. We ended up paying 15 quid (30$ USD) to get back to the hotel. Good lord! Talk about pricy, anyhow Felix was cool.

Zanf came back to the room with us and smoked a spliff with us. A puree! I scored some trees off of a dread in 333. I told him I was a New Yorker visiting Amsterdam & London. He hit me off with that bomb-diggy yo'!!! hahaha

We end the night sleeping soundly. Goodnight London. Tommorrow, we shall share our last dance!