Semi-famous people on my doorstep

Yesterday...I was coming down the steps of my apartment and guess who I saw??? Ricky Fuckin' Nash from Barbershop. LOL!!! There's this restaurant called Maroons downstairs that serves "upscale soul food", so all the darkies with money eat there.

I rode my bike into Williamsburg and ended up making eye contact with Tunde Adebimpe (no homo) As ghey as that soundz, we sorta gave each other a silent acknowledgement...like "I know you are some semi-famous indie-rock god" and he was like "thanks for noticing me" without even saying a word. It was weird.

Speaking of weird and ghey, I saw Sophia Lamar walking past my stoop like 3 days ago. Don't stare too hard if you cherish your hetrosexuality, fellas.
nasty clubkid trash

I've you're broke, hungry & thirsty (like me)...there's free food & cocktails tommorrow @ One for New York Moves magazine launch party.
plus that fly ho from Hustle & Flow will be hosting.

hustlin' ho
Sept 22, 7-9pm
1 Little West 12th st
(12th st & 9th Ave)

RSVP: events@newyorkmoves.com