What is Sexy?

my hero

Here @ Expensive, visitors have become familiar with my objectifying of women as sensual creatures that men are supposed to drool over. Which is fine and dandy (lol) ... I guess there is a time and a place for err'thang.

But you know what I really & truly find sexy? Angelina Jolie fighting poverty & hunger in Africa. I got to give it up to her and kick myself for letting Brad snatch her up first. Seriously, very few in Hollywood are this sincere about making the world a better place for future generations.

My whole Angelina crush comes on the heels of watching her diary show on MTV where she brings the perils of the world to your doorstep. Who knew that fully stocked hospitals in Africa don't even have running water or electricity? Its fucking sad, but she's not scared to face real issues head on. Big ups to Ms. Jolie for eternity.

The crazy thing about MTV was the programming schedule. They juxtaposed Angelina's humanitarian efforts right after Cribs...where they just got done showing a 22 room mansion in Malibu, CA, with some rich kids.


Currently, I am hungover as fuck.

yuki, i love you

I went out with some friends to the Asobi Seksu show for CMJ. Channeling the ghosts of The Cure & Lali Puna, Yuki (lead vocalist & keyboard) tore the roof off the muhfukka.

But the real reason I'm feeling like a zombie is because I attended a Vice Magazine party last night @ The Cake Shop w/ a full open bar from 1 till 4 AM. And get this, it was free to get in (provided you emailed the right rsvp list at the right time). It goes on everynight this week there...scary how much trouble you can get into this city without substantial funds.