No...I'm not dead

hey there

you are prolly wonderin' what happened to the rest of my London / Amsterdam vacation. the task became too overwhelming and lead to me burning out on the whole thing. i'll post only the best of the best pics [scroll over them for a brief explanation]

Much thanks to Zanf for taking us to all of these important landmarks in London & snapping our photos


DAY 4 - London

a walk thru Green Park lead us to Buckingham Palace

Buckingham Palace

Duck Walk

er...i forget which building this is...looks nice tho

Trafalgar Square

big ben

the Tube

St. Paul's Cathedral

Nativity Scene

Tower of London

Tower Bridge

Tower Bridge from down the Thames

Cool christmas decorations on a corporate building

Thames river

London Bridge

Tsunami tolls rolling in

Goodnight London...tommorrow we go back to Amsterdam for the NYE celebration