Getting ready for 2005 NYE celebration, we checked into the Winston Hotel. We personally recommend the Heineken Suite for good times in the Dam. Anyhow - you know the drill...scroll over the pics for an explanation :)

graffiti on train ride back to Amsterdam from Schipol Airport

some musicians playing at Centraal Station

some random straat

hangin out in Dam Square

what the street looked like in Dam Square

dutch clogs
Since we could smell pot coming into the lobby of the Winston, we figured that it was ok to turn your hotel room into a coffeeshop.

Besides, I'd rather pass out on my bed than a grimy public floor.

So we spent the greater part of the evening hanging out there, because the room was so dope & all we had to do is open the bay window to have the sounds of the Red Light District pouring into the room.

heineken room

big bay windows

heineken room - outside shot

view from the window down Warmoestraat


The rest of the night was spent smoking [haze blunts w/ kif easily makes me too tired to do anything]

We made plans to go to the Bloemenmarket & meet up with Glasgow's coolest, Kid Quaalude & his lady on the following day.