from the man who gets 100 million hits a day

your blog has been a little cold since amsterdam.


it's true

isn't it obvious that amsterdam killed my brain? i loss more than electrolytes that week...let me tell you that much. gawd!!! i still haven't even posted the New Year's Eve party.

anywho'...i'm laying low because Akida & JoLynn got signed to Little D in (of all places) Amsterdam, NL and i have plans to do some recording and finish up an EP & a couple singles to start off...

i'm also STILL unemployed...which means: i haven't yet found a job where i can blog all day & get paid for it.

i'm looking to recontextualize & stick myself in the Bay Area (left coast) for a bit...stay tuned.

i promise i'll update this thingamajig every once in awhile.

but for the most part - i hope you guys understand why i am so lazy [420 wouldn't have anything to do with it]. there are plenty of blogs out there that cover actress/model/debutante XYZ's every move. you can always go to them if you need to fill that vacuous void in your life.

- NJ